January 4, 2017

SCOTLAND YARDIE by Bobby Joseph and Joseph Samuels

Booby Joseph and Joseph Samuels

With institutionalised racism at an all-time high, the Metropolitan Police embark on their yearly drive to recruit more ethnic people in the police force. With little or, no success they bring over Jamaica’s most feared policeman – Scotland Yardie, a ganja smoking, no-nonsense bad bwoy cop who breaks all the rules to enforce his own Read the rest…

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November 25, 2016


“London, The mid-sixties. In what appears to have been a murder attempt, Britain’s greatest pop sensation ‘Vic Vox’ has been left a foot tall- the effects of the ‘shrink drug’ administered by assailants unknown. Detective Chief inspector Ladyshoe and his team at Scotland Yard are out to find who did it…and why, but they are Read the rest…

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