July 21, 2017

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. IV The Tempest

Alan Moore & Kevin O’Neill present The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume IV: THE TEMPEST Six-issue miniseries will serve as a “swan song” to the award-winning LEAGUE series.   After an epic seventeen-year journey through the entirety of human culture – the biggest cross-continuity ‘universe’ that is conceivable – Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill will Read the rest…

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July 19, 2017

FURARI by Jiro Taniguchi

Slowly but surely he takes a promenade through Edo. “Furari” could be translated as ‘aimlessly’, ‘at random’, ‘bend with the wind’ or ‘go with the flow’. But our stroller this time leaves nothing to chance. Jiro Taniguchi returns with this delightful and insightful tale of life in a Japan long forgotten. Inspired by an historical Read the rest…

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July 17, 2017

VENICE by Jiro Taniguchi

In his travel journal Jiro Taniguchi invites us to come and get lost in the streets and canals of Venice alongside his character. As he explores this floating city whilst trying to unravel some old postcards, Taniguchi’s beautiful illustrations make time stand still. We follow his every step enjoying the serenity of his pages.

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January 4, 2017

SCOTLAND YARDIE by Bobby Joseph and Joseph Samuels

With institutionalised racism at an all-time high, the Metropolitan Police embark on their yearly drive to recruit more ethnic people in the police force. With little or, no success they bring over Jamaica’s most feared policeman – Scotland Yardie, a ganja smoking, no-nonsense bad bwoy cop who breaks all the rules to enforce his own Read the rest…

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November 25, 2016


“London, The mid-sixties. In what appears to have been a murder attempt, Britain’s greatest pop sensation ‘Vic Vox’ has been left a foot tall- the effects of the ‘shrink drug’ administered by assailants unknown. Detective Chief inspector Ladyshoe and his team at Scotland Yard are out to find who did it…and why, but they are Read the rest…

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November 18, 2015

HIERONYMUS by Marcel Ruijters

The Unauthorised Biography Hieronymus Bosch visionary creator of demons, elusive genius, humble craftsman. His work belongs to the most iconic images of the Late Middle Ages, but the Dutch master himself has remained largely unknown. This unauthorised biography portrays his working life, his family and his sources of inspiration, that he found himself surrounded with in Read the rest…

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ALPHA by Jens Harder

The most ambitious piece of work in comics since the beginning of time… Fourteen billion years between two covers. Alpha … directions tells nothing less than the story of evolution, from the Big Bang through the genesis of life up to the beginning of human civilization. In a 350 page compendium of stunning images Jens Read the rest…

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September 22, 2015

HOT JAZZ by Hunt Emerson

“Start with the tune, spiral off into foot-tapping fantasy, then come back to the tune a few hours later, that’s what Charlie Parker did, and that’s what Hunt Emerson does too, except that he does it with the story. The story of Max Zillion, the ace saxophonist man-handling his chosen instrument Alto Ego, rising to Read the rest…

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