EQUINOXES by Cyril Pedrosa

January 8, 2017

– Maybe all these doubts aren’t so bad.

– How so?

– Well, see…It creates an imbalance…

But that moves you to do something.

In an equinox day is as long as night, as if the world found a perfect equilibrium between shadow and light, a fleeting equilibrium, similar to the stakes of our human desires. Segmented into four tableaux for four seasons, unrelated people of all social backgrounds seeking equilibrium cross paths with other solitudes, weaving in and out of one another’s lives – all captivated and tormented by the enigmatic meaning of life. Ever season has its visual identity and its individual voice, culminating in summer and, possibly, an answer. Equinoxes is a unique ground-breaking work or rare intensity and narrative sensibility by a rising bestselling star of European comics.

“Cyril Pedrosa’s Equinoxes is an impressive feast of a book” Scott McCLoud, author of Understanding Comics and The Sculptor.


isbn 9781910856536
336 pages 31 x 24 cm
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