ALPHA by Jens Harder

February 18, 2015

The most ambitious piece of work in comics since the beginning of time…

Fourteen billion years between two covers.

Alpha … directions tells nothing less than the story of evolution, from the Big Bang through the genesis of life up to the beginning of human civilization. In a 350 page compendium of stunning images Jens Harder manages to increase our understanding of the world combining natural scientific presentations, motifs from the most diverse creation myths and pop culture quotes. Every image in the 365 page tome is sampled from existing media – cave paintings, etchings, pottery, photographs, film, comics, etc. then redrawn with Harder’s meticulous brush lines.

Praise for ALPHA

“A Big Bang of info-comics”. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

This intricate, mind-boggling, coolest possible coffee table book”  Craig Thompson

“The Most make essay Ambitious Work of Sequential Art Since… Well, Maybe Ever” C. K. Lidster –

Born in 1970 in Weisswasser Jens Harder studied graphic arts in Berlin. In 1999 he founded an art group called “Monogatari”. He published Ruwen Strips Naked and Aéra in 1999 Hotelführer Neue Mitte and Electricité Marseille in 2000. His other work includes: Leviathan (2003) and The City God (2006). A monograph on Jens Harder’s work was published in 2007 under the title MIKROmakro. Alpha is the first volume of a trilogy, upcoming are Beta 1:Ancient Civilizations and    Beta 2: Modern Civilizations.



360 pages Hardcover 31 x 20 cm
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